Question about multiple lasers.

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    Hi, I am looking to upgrade my system from one laser, too five lasers. Before buying the other lasers, I would like to play around with multiple lasers on beyond without actually having the FB3's. Is there a way where I can program my shows with multiple lasers without having the extra hardware (FB3's).

    I would like my setup to look like:

    1 laser in the center (connected to FB3#1), 2 lasers on the right (connected to FB3#2) and two lasers on the left (connected to FB3#3).

    So is there a way I can play around with this setup on the computer (BEYOND) without owning the hardware for it?

    Thanks in advance! :)
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    Hi, alwitra.

    Create Demo Projectors.
    Settings->Laser and EmuLaser controller...->"+"->Add Demo Projector

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