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    Hello everyone,

    Brand new to Quickshow and loving it!
    One question I would like to ask is about the audio track for a show. Some audio files have a period of silence on the start of them, is there anyway in the software to trim the silence off and move the waveform so it starts at the start of the timeline?
    I can do it in Adobe audition but it seems a hassle when a quick trim on the screen and being able to slide the waveform to the start would be a great. It may be possible but I didn't spot anything obvious.

    Many thanks for your help,

  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    No, QuickShow does not have this abilty; BEYOND has a "way" to do it although I am not sure if that is an added feature or just how it ended up working that you can drag the audio file past the beginning of the show start so that part of the file is not played. I know the two media systems are different as BEYOND is WAY more robust than QuickShow.

    Currently, QuickShow developement is considered complete; I do not see any more features being added but I will suggest this to our development team. :cool:
  3. whiteg

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    "QuickShow developement is considered complete"

    With this you are saying that in the future only bug fixes and expected nothing new minimal functions? In the long run, this will not be a handicap?
    Is exclusively at Beyond the priority now and future?

  4. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    Currently BEYOND development is our focus. QuickShow is a very functionally capable application (especially for its price) and most additional features we are currently conceiving are only being considered for BEYOND.

    I am not saying nothing will ever be added to QuickShow in the future, but there have been very few features added to QuickShow in the past couple of years anyway; I am merely stating a continuation of that policy.