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    I've just moving onto Beyond from quickshow. I am using Sunlite to trigger DMX input over ArtNet. I have this working, however i seem to be having difficulties regarding the DMX/Artnet Script.
    Is there a guide on how this feature can be programmed?
    I do have some of this feature working, just to make a 10 Channel DMX board to add onto a current show - with basis speed control etc.
    Issue regarding DMX 0 - 255 - and the speed saying 0 - 100, yet the control goes from 25% - 199%.


  2. Robert_Rockit

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    Quick DMX

    Also, at the bottom i do not have a Quick DMX tab?

    And i can't find anything to activate this page? Is this only activated when using in DMX mode not artnet?
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    Hi Robert,

    QuickDMX tab visible when some DMX Out is activated. We may change the logic, but to show a QuickDMX tab if you cannot output DMX seems not really well balanced.

    Documentation comes with recent installer. The PangoScript editor has a tab at bottom with embedded HTML file that describe PangoScript commands. In your case, I guess, you should try Live Control commands. Also, take a look at Master object in Object Tree window (Grid mode, menu tools). Regarding the speed - this is Master at Live Control tab. The Animation Speed slider has settings for Min/Max, see Configuration dialog, Live Control tab.

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