Quickshow + lw CS-1000RGB set up

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  1. YourDisco

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    Hi there,

    We recently purchased a lw CS-1000RGB + QS Software.

    The laser spec states that it is a 30k scanner however we need to reduce this to around 12k to get a decent looking image, this then makes the projection flicker, unbearable after a while.

    Is there a way around this? and is the flickering affecting out laser?
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Hey Marc; you may want to look at this thread, http://www.pangolin.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1565&highlight=scan+angle, it was posted about the same model laser.

    I suspect you are trying to scan at too wide an angle. That thread will show you where to find info on calculating the scan angle. I think when I posted in it I saw your laser being advertised with a scan angle of 4 degrees at 30k.
  3. JD3

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    I have two of these exact lasers (i dont use them anymore)

    the 30k rating is at a very small angle that you will never use. Full width in quick show and you are only going to get about 11-12k safely.

    only way to avoid the flicker is to use less complicated ques. OR use a MUCH more narrow zone.
    You can forget using the two Mixed tabs in Quickshow. They are too complicated for those scanners at full width.

    Nature of the beast.
    Cheap laser cheap output.
    Still gets the job done for small stuff.

    Oh by the way. don't use first contact to clean the red diode lens's.... they WILL melt.
  4. YourDisco

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    Hi Guys!

    Thanks for your help, I will look at the link however we have them set at 12.5k just now with an angle of 4degree's and this seems to be the best images we can get, has a very slight flicker but nothing too disturbing.

    In regards to the cue's we have noticed that using one at a time is ideal anymore and it really goes into strobe effect, also with text we have found that 'Stick' fonts work alot better than bubble fonts.

    The fixture wont be used for animation or text too often it will be more for beam/atmospheric shows as we have a further 20 lasers in our show so these would drown out most of the animations.

    Thank you for your help! :)