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Discussion in 'Networking' started by decix, Sep 13, 2009.

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    I had a lot of trouble with stuttering output of my QM2000.NET when using it with my desktop pc while drawing in LD2000 and also when using LivePRO.
    Guessing that it's the fault of the cheap on-board network adapter (Realtek 8111B Gbit) I bought myself one of these fine Intel Gbit NICs.

    Just have a look at the following videos, you will see the difference.
    (Format is DivX. If it does not work get the DivX-Codec or just let me know, I can convert to other formats as well.)

    Video 1: Drawing a continuous line in LD2000 with QM2000.NET connected to new Intel NIC
    Everything as it should be...

    Video 1: Drawing a continuous line in LD2000 with QM2000.NET connected to on-board Realtek NIC
    See those jumps? Ugly, huh? :eek:

    Of course I tried all possible configuration settings for the Realtek adapter while tracking this error down, but nothing ever helped. This device does not seem to be suitable for driving a QM2000.NET. Now I've deactivated both of my on-board NICs and run my entire LAN over the new Intel NIC.
    Everything works very smooth & fast now... %) :D

    Regards... decix
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    Thanks for sharing your experience Decix!
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    Very strange. Good to see a solution - however it would be even better if we/you/someone could actually track down the problem.
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    contact pangoling directy. I think you have a throttling issue
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    If you have slow networking performance with Windows 7,

    Check the Update page

    Download the "Fix for slow networking performance with Windows 7" file.