1. pexel

    TouchDesigner Integration?

    I am working on a show with someone running Beyond, and I am doing video visuals with TouchDesigner. We wanted to try out the TouchDesigner / Beyond integration but I can't see anything about how to make the connection between the two systems. My TouchDesigner media server system can easily be...
  2. F

    How do I control the laser output on the timeline using UDP

  3. W

    Fiber Optic Racks

    Are there any known issues with using Fiber runs and lasers? Any opinion on best fiber optic racks to use? Looking to covert our long data runs using a VLAN at stage and another rack at front of house, connected via fiber. Trying to find if there are any known issues with fiber optic data runs...
  4. W

    Multiple Servers of Beyond in Network

    How am I able to connect multiple servers of beyond together? I have looked on the wiki pangolin site and there isnt much of a walkthrough explaining how to get it talking properly. Any one have info on where to learn this or how to do this?
  5. L

    Beyond from GrandMA onpc

    Help needed urgently! Anybody can guide me step by step for the network control from GrandMA to Beyond 3.0? Cant't seem to get the artnet connected and i'm using QM2000 as my master . and the rest of the projectors on fb4s. Thanks
  6. Q

    fb-se ip adress

    hello i new user about quick show and fb4-se how i can make a network shared unit to see content of sd card into fb4 from my pc? i need to upload and copy from network shared. thanks
  7. D

    Getting Beyond to recognize my other boards

    Hi all, I have recently purchased Beyond and a new (second hand) Pro board. This works fine and Beyond starts up with no problems as long as the new Pro board is somewhere in the network together with my older 3 boards (2 Pro and one Intro). I want to be able to use Beyond with my older...
  8. G


    Hi, i am wanting to run a pangolin Showtime network through existing on site Artnet switches which have been installed permanently.. Will it work ok through the switches using static IP addresses?
  9. ollie

    Midi over LAN

    Hi everyone Iv recently been working in Manchester academy on various gigs and the arenas are all pretty big. Every time I setup I'm getting more and more annoyed with running 3 seperate ilda cables 60m to the stage. I had a brain wave that I could setup my computer on stage then run a...
  10. C

    Can I use DNS instead of static IP?

    My pangolin system is built into a mobile wireless trolley. In the trolley is a computer which port-forwards any input packets on a certain port to the actual QM2000.NET device over a local ethernet cable. The Pangolin control software (my own code, using the LD2000 API) runs elsewhere on our...
  11. D

    Resolved stutter problem

    Hi! I had a lot of trouble with stuttering output of my QM2000.NET when using it with my desktop pc while drawing in LD2000 and also when using LivePRO. Guessing that it's the fault of the cheap on-board network adapter (Realtek 8111B Gbit) I bought myself one of these fine Intel Gbit NICs...