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    Hi everyone

    Iv recently been working in Manchester academy on various gigs and the arenas are all pretty big. Every time I setup I'm getting more and more annoyed with running 3 seperate ilda cables 60m to the stage.

    I had a brain wave that I could setup my computer on stage then run a network to the back meaning 1 easy to run rj45 cable instead of loads of heavy ilda cables. Sounds perfect?

    Well I hit a big snag!!!! I got it setup so that one computer controls the other using remote network desktop. I then realised that I use midi controllers and these would not work as they would have to be plugged into the first computer.
    Oh no :(

    Well I researched the Internet and found applications for this exact problem, woohoo :)

    I installed and setup as per instructions and appeared to function properly until starting quickshow to test if my labours had been worth it :)

    Quickshow started and once loaded said cannot open midi device.

    I thought it was my setup so tried and tried but it worked with other midi program's I have just not quickshow.

    Can anyone help with a solution to this or any other solution that could help

    Thanks in advance

    If you need any specifics don't hesitate to ask
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    sussed it out

    used rtp midi for sending midi over lan and used team viewer to control one pc from the other. if anyone wants help doing this also i will gladly help.

    this should also work over ad-hoc but will probably be slower the further it needs to go and will probably be unreliable.

    cheers oli
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    Sounds like a good idea. I've been thinking about these kinds of things as well. I personally was leaning toward running one of those USB over cat5 extender systems, basically allowing one long cat5 cable to the stage, where the FB3s would then be plugged in.
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    Did you already check for applications like USB over Lan?

    This is just an client server framework that relays the local usb port to an external machine. So that would mean your midi device would be recognized by the remote machine "local".

    Then you don't need to send midi, but you just hook the USB port virtually to the remote machine.

    Hope this helps.