sending effect to multiply zones but the effect is spread over the zones

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am new to pangoscript so this one i have tryed to create bud think for me stil to hard to program so i hope some one can help me.

    for example, i have a rainbow color effect and i can send this to difrent zones but then the zones wil all do the same. i want to have the rainbow effect beeing extended to the other zones. you spread the effect over the other zones.

    hope some one can help me, thanks

  2. love4lasers

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    I have figure it out do to a tutorial online!
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  3. MrBeam

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    One method is to make a zone point to a demo (null) projector, and then use the also-to feature to use other zones, set to (say) make up horizontal sections. Then an effect can be applied to it. The cue will be 'broken up' across the zones/heads (which looks interesting in of itself). You can then apply effects to this zone.

    Can you share which tutorial you are referring to/what how you did it?

    Sincerely, Glen/Chromatic
  4. nor

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    +1 on wanting to learn this! The latest Beyond (as of march 2019) doesn't seem to have an "Also To" option. Or is it just called something else?
  5. Bob@Pangolin

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    The function "Also to" is in there. Requires BEYOND advanced or up. Can you post a screenshot of your BEYOND with the complete window visible and the projection zone window on top?