Stopping All Cues and FX currently playing when triggering next Cue.

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  1. Sol_Barnes

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    Okay real questions this time.

    What I am trying to Achieve:
    • Create a button that when pressed will stop all Cues and FXs (including MultiFX Cues) that are currently running, when the next cue is triggered.

    What issue am am I having:

    • I can't stop Multi Effect Cues.

    Current Implementation:

    Note: This is my first attempt at Pangscript.
    1. Script set to Autorun declaring a global variable "StopAllNext" and setting this value to 0.
    2. Universe button that when clicked, sets 'StopAllNext' to a value of 1
    3. A scrpit placed in the Cue Start field:
      if (StopAllNext = 1) StopAllNow
      if (StopAllNext = 1) ClickFXStopAll
      if (StopAllNext = 1) StopAllNext = 0
    This is working for me, If I click the Stop All Next button in the universe then click a cue with the above code in it, all Quick FX and other cues will stop before the selected cue starts playing.
    However Multi Effect cues continue to play.

    • How do I stop Multi Effect type cues?
    • Is there a better way of achieving my goal, as the current method would require me add this script to every cue.
  2. Sol_Barnes

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    I have made some progress with this.

    1: I found away to turn off all Multi FX cues: by creating a blank Multi FX on category 1 page 1 and then using a script to start and stop this Multi FX cue, not ideal but it works.

    2: I have a script that does all the resetting and I just call this script when starting a cue.

    I will add the code here when I am back at my laser laptop, in case anyone is interested.
  3. Bob@Pangolin

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    Sorry for the late reply. I wanted to be sure before I answer this. Its unexpected that "StopAllNow" does not stop multi effect cue's.
    This will change. In the next versions "StopAllNow" will also stop multi effect cue's.
  4. Sol_Barnes

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    Thank you for this information, I had kind of guessed this as there seems to be quite a few issues with the Multi Effect cues.
    Please do fix them though, as they can be used to produce some really nice effects.

    Current Issues I have with Multi Effect Cues.
    • Pangoscript is not executed when starting/stopping cue - Just noticed this one.
    • "StopAllNow" - Reported Here.
    • Cue does not send on/off data to midi devices. - Reported Via Email.
    • Screen refresh issue when turning off using midi device - Reported Via Email.
    • Not possible to attache image to cue - Reported Via Email.
    I suspect that all of the above issues are due to the way this type of cue is not 'playing' in the same way that a standard cue does.

    While we are on the subject.
    Is there any reason why Multi Effect cues can only be played one at a time?
    I would very much like the ability to stack these types of cues on top of each other, which would be brilliant way to create complex looks on the fly when playing live.

    Workaround Script:
    //Turn off Multi FX (Hack Solution) - Set blank Multi Effect cue in Column 1 Row 2 of page 1 in category 1. Position 1,2
    CueUp 1,2,0
    CueDown 1,2,0
    SelectCue 1,2,1
    CueUp 1,2,0
    CueDown 1,2,0
    SelectCue 1,2,1

    Best Regards
    Sol Barnes