Stopping DMX Output

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by Jon, Dec 19, 2018.

  1. Jon

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    Hi, we have a system using Quickshow to control a Tarm 5, plus a Enttec DMX output device connected to a couple of blinders.

    We have pre programmed some shows to music using the quick timeline, and loaded them as cues so the Dj can run them in his sets every so often.

    Problem we have, is that he can preview the track by clicking on the cue while the laser output is disabled, allowing him to check how the track starts without the laser going off. But the DMX output still works. So the blinders will go off when he previews the tracks.

    Is there any way of making it so that when the laser output is disabled, the DMX output is also disabled?
  2. Go to "Settings" - "DMX Settings" and disable DMX output temporarily.
  3. Jon

    Jon New Member

    Thats fine for when programming, but when they are operating it in user mode I dont really want them to be going into settings every time they want to preview a track. We did have this menu disabled in user mode so they cant mess around with it.

    Maybe this just needs to be a feature request for future. Allowing the DMX output to be linked to the enable laser output button, so they both turn on and off together.
  4. ^^ Good idea! ^^