strange strobe flashing effect!

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    Hi every one.I am also new to this and fortunately i managed to create a laser show using the pangolin quick show designer.I am also using a reke laser projector 5000 mv and I have two questions.
    1.On my computer screen my show looks perfect but whenever i connect it on my projector i get an extreme strobe flash effect especially on text.The strange thing is that it doesn't appear on single cues but only during the show(even i am not using effects on the specific text or animations)
    2.I want to export my show and convert it to a video form.Any chance to manage that with pangolin?
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    Is this a reke500RGB? The reke has 10 - 15k "scanners" which is on the low end. If the picture/animation is too complicated...the laser projection will flash. You can adjust the "scan speed" on the right-hand side menus of QuickShow...under Playback - Animation Scanrate...but might overdrive your galvos and burn them out. Try simple animations to get the hang of what you can and cannot do with your laser...Also...QS uses a LOT of computer shut down other browsers or whatnot and let QS do it's thing.

    I am a relative beginner myself...will always be learning. I Just got a new rgb laser...a "Linny" as we are calling it...or LK PD3...with 20 -25k scanners...It does some pretty cool effects...can't wait to try the new scanner speed to compare with my reke 500!

    Good luck, have fun and be careful!
  3. koutsoumpis

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    Thanks for replying on this.Well actually its not reke 500 but reke 5000 with 30k scanner.Do you think i still have risk to burn galvos in this case?
  4. koutsoumpis

    koutsoumpis Well-Known Member

    Thanks for replying.Well its not the reke 500 but reke 5000 with 30k scanner.In this case you thing i still have the risk to burn galvos?
  5. rodman1369

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    My bad...didn't know they had a reke5000. With 30k you should be fine.
    30k better than what I have...
    Perhaps problem is with settings.

    I can do a great show with the QS cues on my reke and Linny and don't have 30k scanners.
    I DO run into flickerings when things get too complicated...that's why I responded.
    Some of the abstract cues I create look great onscreen...but broken when projected...It's all about experimentation.

    I find that video of my shows come out better using my phone than my too sensitive and video washed out

    Good Luck!
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    Please make sure to watch Chapter 2 of the Tutorial Videos which are built right into QuickShow. The tutorial chapters are also accessible on our YouTube channel here:

    Chapter 2 covers how to setup and adjust QuickShow to your projector, and also how to determine the true speed of your laser scanners. Many laser scanner manufacturers exaggerate the speed of their scanners, so QS will tell you what the true speed is.

    And finally, there is little chance that QS will damage your scanners. QS was crafted specifically for unsophisticated users with no knowledge of scanners, and designed to get the best performance *possible* (which is sometimes low performance) from your projector.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    Hi koutsoumpis ,

    William Benner said good advice . scanner speed settings are important to learn . After you get the speed set on your projector settings , then go through each cue and calibrate each one to be nice and smooth or to your liking. This will help the look for every effect you do . learn to appreciate this option tho . you can use this option for some great effects . I hope this helps ya out .