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    Im not sure where this goes really. I have QS and FB3 and I am trying to use quick trace to import graphics. After importing them, I'm finding animation / frame editor to try and clean them up but I find that to be VERY difficult and frustrating.

    But I recently found that Trace-It is included as a free download with my FB3.

    Trace-It has many of the features that I expected the frame editor in QS to have, so I was pretty excited to find it.

    But I've run into a very big problem with Trace-It.

    If I load jpg file into Trace-It and go in and edit the frame, and save it - there appears to be no way to come back and continue editing at a later date. It appears to be unable to open any of the files it saves.

    For example, if I open a jpg and work on it but do not finish it and save to ILD or LPC I cannot come back later and open that file to continue editing it.

    This seems like a huge oversight. If you want to edit a large frame, or do complicated work and try to tame a complex graphic, you must do it all in one session or there is no further editing. Is that correct? Or is there a way to reopen the file and edit it further that I am not seeing? Thanks!