Triggers not working?

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    Hi All,

    I have been working on using triggers to help me with some DMX control structures I'm setting up, and some of them have worked great, but this one is puzzling me because I believe it should be working but nothing seems to be happening. I'm using DMX/Artnet to Pangoscript, For this example, Universe 3, Channel 20, and I have the view channel value box ticked so that I can make sure the DMX information is in fact being seen by Beyond, and sure enough on U3 Ch 20, I can see the value go up and down, so it *should* trigger this script, right?

    DefineDMXTrigger 20 "Trigger Zone 0"
    InRangeTrigger 0,0,"MuteScript"
    InRangeTrigger 1,255,"UnmuteScript"
    DisplayPopup "Unmute Script"
    \\UnmuteZone 0
    DisplayPopup "Mute Script"
    \\MuteZone 0

    I commented some things out while troubleshooting, but, I should see something happen when these channel values go out of range, right? I've tried this a few ways, like using InRangeTriggerCmd 0,0, [command here] instead, but no matter which command I put there, Pangoscript insists that it's an unknown function, undeclared or not initialized variable. I've also tried using OutOfRangeTrigger and OutOfRangeTriggerCmd with the same results. It just doesn't respond to the values, and/or it acts like I'm using commands it's never heard of.. Remember, I can see the values changing with my DMX controller movements both in the Beyond DMX/Artnet Monitor Window as well as in the DMX/Artnet to Pangoscript window, so I know the DMX signal is being received.

    Something worth mentioning here is that currently there is no way to distinguish Universe with this command, so that, it could be running as a background script and call out universe and channel as part of the Trigger, for example, DefineDMXTrigger 3,20, "Trigger Zone 0" would look at universe 3 channel 20 (which in this case is an artnet universe).

    Oh, also should mention that the background scripts using the same sorts of triggers work fine, but I can only address channels on the first universe in background scripts.

    Can anyone provide some guidance?

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    Hi Newlin,

    Could you try DMX channel 1044?
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    Channel 1044 is making my DisplayPopup Command work. ???? What is this strange channel? o_O
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    Universe 3 , so thats 2x512 + 20 channels ..

    Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 01.09.27.png
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    Got it! Thanks! :) I figured you'd have some quick answer like that.
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