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  1. DelusionalDaydreams

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    I'm creating a template for Beyond for my Lemur, and I've noticed some strange behavior when trying to select cue pages via OSC.

    Beyond 4 Build 1320
    Windows Firewall is disabled

    OSC Target: /beyond/general/SelectPrevPage
    Expected behavior: select the previous page
    Actual behavior: selects the next page
    OSC In (from my Lemur):
    /beyond/general/SelectPrevPage (s) ""
    OSC Out (from Beyond): the new current page index (increments - I expected the opposite behavior)
    /b/Grid/PageIndex (f) 4

    *** After restarting Beyond, it is no longer sending OSC messages. There is nothing showing up in the OSC OUT monitor.

    OSC Target: /beyond/general/SelectNextPage
    Expected behavior: selects the next page
    Actual behavior: nothing
    OSC In (from my Lemur):
    /beyond/general/SelectNextPage (s) ""
    OSC Out (from Beyond): none

    OSC Target: /beyond/general/GetPage
    Expected behavior: OSC Out from beyond including a page index
    Actual behavior: nothing

    The other unexpected behavior I encountered is related to inconsistent page numbering. It seems that the cue page numbers aren't necessarily in ascending order by category. e.g. - Page 10 could be in Graphics, page 11 could be in Atmospherics, and page 12 could be back in Graphics.

    Is there a better way to handle this kind of stuff? I didn't want to keep track of the current page number on the Lemur because it won't automatically update when I switch categories.
  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    Did you already try to use : Selectnexttab & selectprevtab as commands?

    ( And maybe selectnextcat and selectprevcat )
  3. DelusionalDaydreams

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    I tried both /beyond/general/SelectNextTab and /beyond/general/SelectNextCat, and neither of those did anything either. The strange thing is that SelectPrevPage worked and Beyond responded with /b/Grid/PageIndex, but SelectNextPage didn't do anything. After restarting Beyond, even that stopped working.

    The only page selection that currently works is /beyond/general/SelectPage (I)., #20 /beyond/general/SelectPrevTab (i) 0, #21 /beyond/general/SelectNextTab (i) 0, #22 /beyond/general/SelectPrevPage (i) 0, #23 /beyond/general/SelectNextPage (i) 0, #24 /beyond/general/SelectPrevCat (i) 0, #25 /beyond/general/SelectNextCat (i) 0

    In the product comparison matrix, Beyond Essentials has OSC listed as "limited". What does that mean?
  4. ENOT

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    - "limited" means that Essentials does not offer PangoScript, and significant functionality based on OSC to PangoScript table. Object Tree is one more part which provide great OSC <> BEYOND gateway.

    I think I answered your other questions in Support Ticket system