USB 3.2 -> To USB + RJ45 Hub - How many FB3s + FB4s + Midi Devices.

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    Hey, hope you are all keeping well.

    I'm looking for information on how many FB3s, FB4s and midi devices I can run from a single USB 3.2 gen 1x2 output (Data limits (I have powered hubs downstream for the FB3s and midi devices)).

    This would look like this:

    Laptop Out: USB C 3.2 gen 2x1 - 10Gbps (Also known as 3.1 Gen 2)
    Hub: 5x USB + RJ45 network port (Gigabit)
    • USB 1: 3x FB3 Via Powered USB Hub.
    • USB 2: 4x FB3 Via RE-B3.
    • USB 3: APC Mini
    • USB 4: APC Mini
    • Network port: 1x FB4 + ProDJLink (CDJ Timecode)

    I am aiming to build a flight case that houses my Midi Controllers, USB DMX and has distribution for sending data to my FB3s, FB4s,

    Ideally I would like to be able to just plug the one cable from my laptop into the flight-case.

    So I am wondering will the single USB3.2 1x2 be enough, or should I split it out over multiple USBs and the laptops built in RJ45 network port?

    Many Thanks
  2. Sol_Barnes

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    I have since tested the above set up and so far so good.
    I will report back in a month or so, once I know it's stable.

    Best Regards
  3. Igor Strakhov

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    Thank you, Sol, it'll be great!