Using brightness control with TTL laser projector.

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    Sorry if my english is not clear!

    I don't know if someone post it before.

    TTL modulated laser projectors, can not dimming laser beams, just turn on and off, because of it, we can not make fade in and out using brightness control at timeline.

    I found a way to use brightness control (from quick timeline) with TTL laser projector to Simulate Fade in/out, just "masking" abstract shapes with Color effects at brightness control, gradient mode. (I didn't tried with texts or another type of beams, i think that if the color selection is the same than the abstract shapes, this work too)
    At the bottom i'll paste a link to a youtube video example.

    How to "mask" abstract shapes with brightness effects:
    Create or edit an abstract shape, choose a single color or multicolor effects normally, then add one more color effect and set it to brightness control per point, gradient mode.
    In the color selector bar choose, at both edges, full white and at the center color almost Black. (not black at all to avoid the TTL laser turn off the beam at this place) remember that TTL laser does not gradient beams just on and off.
    set the repeat to a desired value. i choosed 20 (max) you can change this value to change the effect.

    The abstract is now ready to be controlled by brightness control.

    Save the abstract. and put it in the quick timeline.

    at quick timeline double click at the block with the abstract and set the brightness from 0 to 100 trough the timeline as you wish.
    now you can display scenes fading in and out. no more simply on and off with TTL lasers. the effect is not a dimmer effect, is just a soft transition sumulating a interlaced "dimming"

    this works like this: TTL laser just turn on and off, from 100% to 30% the beam stills fully on, then below 30% to 0% the beam is off. this values may change in different projectors. you must to set up the values with your own projector.
    You must too select the Color system in the SETTINGS\PROJECTOR SETTINGS\COLOR SETTING\COLOR SYSTEM TYPE. you can select TTL, ANALOG Linear or ANALOG log. mode as you wish the three modes may shows different effect. select the best for you.
    i have used TTL mode, to see the real output on the output window and the projector.
    watch the video at:

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