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  1. dvheerde

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    How can i change the output value in the midi setting from the APC40 to the Beyond program in maximum of 130 % by full slider setting. Normaly the value is going to 200%.
  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    The first option is to set your laser output hardware to the correct maximum scan rate of you laser.

    You can do this at:

    Settings >> projector settings >> scan rate.
    (Adjust max scan rate accordingly to the specifications of your laser hardware)

    Even if you slide it over the limit, it will never go higher than set in the configuration above.

    If you really want to change the midi template;


    Settings >> midi settings >> (select your APC40) >> Midi surface to sliders >> and remove the midi channel at Scan rate.


    close midi to service >> open, midi to pangoscript >> move the slider so it jumps to the correct field. Double click that field, and insert the code…

    ScanRate extvalue (0-110) .
    There 0 is the minimum scan rate Beyond will allow and 110 the maximum you want.

    However, I would suggest the first method, why?

    The second method will influence all lasers attached, if every controller has its own laser, this is something you might not want to have.

    I hope this helps.