Virtual LJ with multiple lasers

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  1. vIQleS

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    I'm trying to figure out the absolutely laziest way I can do a show, and I'd like to be able to setup 2 different FB3s (one with 2xRGB and one with up to 2xgreen) and have them both running on VLJ.

    Can I do this, or do I need 2 laptops?
  2. vIQleS

    vIQleS Active Member

    So they're displaying different animations I mean...

    So there would effectively be 2 different VLJs running at the same time (on different / rotating pages would be nice - you still can't do that right?)
  3. Tim Walsh

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    Any answer for this question???
  4. aricha

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    you can try this:
    make zone 1 to go to FB3 1 and zone 2 to FB3 2
    make a page with all the cues going to zone 1
    make a page with all the cues going to zone 2
    now with Quick Capture make a third page with mixed cues from pages 1&2
    tell your LJ to play cues from page 3 only
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  5. Pangolin

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    As Aricha indicated, it's certainly possible for Virtual Laser Jockey to create output for more than one projector (which is really more than one zone). BUT, what would happen is that you would get substantially the same laser output on all projectors.

    I will remind everyone that QuickShow is meant to be simple laser software, for simple users with simple needs. We admit that QuickShow turns out to be quite a powerful tool, and there are many professional users who are using it. But with QuickShow positioned as an easy-to-use tool, there are certainly limitations to it!

    When you need more complexity, then you need a more complex tool, such as LivePRO or BEYOND. In fact, BEYOND has some brand new tools for controlling multiple projectors with virtually just a few mouse clicks.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  6. vIQleS

    vIQleS Active Member

    It looks like this will totally work. I've created a couple of test cues and they do indeed output to the appropriate projectors.

    This works for DMX control - I'm guessing it'll also work with VLJ.

    I'll test it as soon as I get all my gear back from War of the Worlds. :-D

  7. aricha

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    Hi vIQleS

    can you send a video clip from the show? - war of the worlds
  8. bosik

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    give me your email and i send you file for 2 scan shows. for QS (2xFB3 )
  9. vIQleS

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