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    We are using Capture Polar with Beyond and Pangolin Showtime.

    Beyond seems to be limited to 4 fixtures.. Is that the case? How do we get more fixtures?

    Showtime seems to be limited to one projector.. In the LC Gateway Capture only sees the first projection zone that it sees. How do we get it to see more zones? I have tried adding more QM2000's
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    Hi Marc,

    BEYOND and the Gateway application use Projection zones as a foundation. You select Projection zone and specify the fixture number for visualization sofwtare. As example, you may have only one QM2000, and 10 zones, and you can send 10 zones to corresponding 10 fixtures in visualization software.

    If you need more fixtures/lasers to visualize, just add more zones.

    I attached a screenshots of software where you can define fixture index.

    Let me know if you will discover any problem.

    Best Regards,


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  3. MarcWebber

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    Hi Alexey,

    Thank you for your reply, in beyond I can see where to define the fixture index and they pop up in Capture but after I go past fixture 5 they do not pop up so it appears to be limited to four fixtures.

    Regarding the LC Gateway, here is a picture of my LC gateway, only one fixture appears in Capture… Any ideas?

    Thank you

  4. MarcWebber

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    Pic Attached

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  5. ENOT

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    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for information. We are working on your question.

    Best Regards,

  6. MarcWebber

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    OK, Thank you..
  7. nicolight

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    LC 56.054 Pangolin Beyond

    I used to work with Lightconverse and Beyond through LCgateway...
    But now, I can't make it works cause by launching LCgateway (folder lighconverse/pangolin/LCgateway) I get this message:
    LCgateway application can not be started. Please ensure that QM2000 installed and LD2000 software works correctly. After that start LCGateway one more time.
    And then an other one:
    LCgateway is not able to because LD2000.dll is older than version 5.03
    please download latest version od LD2000 software from website of pangolin laser Systems Inc (

    Actually I didn't find anylink to download what described in error message.
    Would you have any ideas?


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