who wants some free beam shows

Discussion in 'Show-ware' started by rupert morse, Jun 30, 2003.

  1. rupert morse

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    so i have been lock away for a long time out of the industry NOW IM BACK

    i have a new set of show comeing out soon
    the new show are

    Alexandra Burke Feat Laza Morgan - Start Without You.mp3
    Katy Perry - Teenage Dream.mp3
    Taio Cruz - Dynamite.mp3
    The Script - For The First Time.mp3
    McFly - Party Girl.mp3
    Eminem Feat Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie.mp3
    Katy B - Katy On a Mission.mp3
    Flo Rida Feat David Guetta - Club Can't Handle Me.mp3
    Brandon Flowers - Crossfire.mp3
    Ke$ha - Take It Off.mp3
    Swedish House Mafia Feat Pharrell - One (Your Name) (Original Mix).mp3

    and about another 5 which i have programmed already

    there will be a cost for the shows but not silly

    if anyone is looking for the music for the old shows drop me a line

    you can email me on rupertmorse@btinternet.com


    for qm2000
    i will send over internet tell me your conection
    type (adsl broad band )
    a list of shows

    Show 1
    5fm. This is a dance beam show .
    7.25 minutes long good for clubs 19.6 Mb.
    Show 2
    Deleram : hard house beam show
    3.47 minutes long good for clubs 44 Mb
    Show 3
    Obsestion: Shakira Pop
    3.34 minutes long good for clubs 11.5 Mb
    Show 4
    Ryandent funkey house local artist
    4 55 minutes long good for clubs 28Mb
    Show 5
    Clasic beam show and graphics good family show
    19.46 minutes long 34Mb
    show 6
    Budabar beam show ambient house to brake beat
    4 29 minutes long 12.5Mb
    Show 7
    Desartrose similar to deep forest local artist
    4 35 minutes long 9.33Mb
    Show 8
    Robby Pop real love
    4 29 minutes long 12.3Mb
    Show 9
    Ruperts demo t 50 Mb

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  2. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Hi Folks,

    I have seen some of Rupert's work and let me tell you, it is very good quality. I would definitely encourage folks to check out what he has to offer.


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  3. Jonay

    Jonay New Member


    I'm searching your shows in Kazaa but i don't found anything...

    Do you hace a ftp service on?

    Can you help me.... I'm starting on Lasers System...

    Sorry with my english, i'm spanish....

    Best regards

    Jonay Delgado
  4. laser team

    laser team New Member

    yes i agree i found his shows very nice
  5. Jonay

    Jonay New Member

    You found it on Kazaa?

    whats teh name of files?

  6. Marco

    Marco Active Member

    Can't find anything about your shows, maybe i'm to stupid ???? :)

  7. Laser Envy

    Laser Envy Member

    would you be willing to burn them on a cd and sell it to me? i can Paypal you the $ for your time or i could send you a money order...


  8. Selivandr

    Selivandr Member

    Hi Colleague !
    I want to see your shows!
    How can I get them (URL)?
    What is Kazaa?
  9. Van Cleven Jurgen

    Van Cleven Jurgen New Member


    I can't find you're shows on KAZAA :(
    I'm intrest in the shows number 1,2 and 6.

    Can you give me a solution how i can get them

    Thanks a lot four you're help

    Van CLeven Jurgen
  10. Voltz

    Voltz Member

    Did anybody actually get a copy as I tried to email Rupert and he replied saying he would send me them but I never got anything.
    Anyone else have any luck?
  11. Peter

    Peter Member

    Yep, i got a copy ages ago, about a year i think. i still have them, but i am not sure if he would like me re-distributing them.
  12. aufmotzer

    aufmotzer New Member


  13. FilRussia

    FilRussia Member

    Hi Colleague !
    I want to see your shows!
    How can I get them (URL)?
    What is Kazaa?
    laser@mtl-arena.ru :airtoss:
  14. LVR

    LVR Member

    Hello !

    Can you send the shows to my e-mail: lvr@laser.ryazan.ru

    Thank You Therefore,

    Sincerelly Yours
  15. Cruch

    Cruch Well-Known Member

    Theese shows still awailable?? Please PM me ;)
    Or let me have a link for downloading!

    Thanks and merry christmas to you all

  16. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Hi Cruch,

    Rupert Morse has been out of this industry for quite some time....

  17. Cruch

    Cruch Well-Known Member

    Yea! I guess so..Has anyone of you the "rupertshows.rar" and want to share?
    Cant find it on kazaa
  18. Martin Kapp

    Martin Kapp Active Member

    Rupert is still very much in the industry as am I. I work with him again full time (for my sins), but we concentrate on interactive projection more than lasers. Unfortunately, the influx of cheep lasers and controllers took the bottom out of the industry somewhat here in UK.

    As for the shows, they are no longer freely available. Come on, Pangolin supplied us with great software, get making you own shows! ;)
  19. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for the updated information. I had only assumed he had been in the industry since we haven't heard from him on this forum, or by email in a number of years.

    I would love to have an email exchange with Rupert about some new software we have coming out, and also about a few other things. Please have him contact us through our contact form at:

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  20. fullhousepro

    fullhousepro Member

    I would love to preview your shows or download them if they are still available to download. I know this posting is 5 years old now but I thought I would ask. Thank you for your time. I can be emailed at contact@fullhouseproductions(dot)com or please PM me.
    Matt B.
    Fullhouse Productions