who wants some free beam shows

Discussion in 'Show-ware' started by rupert morse, Jun 30, 2003.

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    Is there any way I can purchase some shows...I know this is a old post but maybe ???

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    Thanks for the info...I am just starting out and would like to purchase some shows in quickshow format.
    We do dances for underprivileged children to help out in the community.

    Thanks so much
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    Check the Pangolin Shows web site -
    Lots of free shows that have been shared by the Pangolin community (although you will need to provide the audio files) ~
    Many of the shows are made for QuickShow. :)
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    rupert shows

    have a look in the pangolin show portal for his shows
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    Hello !

    Can you send the shows to my e-mail: ntez@bk.ru
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    If you are legally entitled to download the shows then register and do so yourself. :mad:
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    Beam shows

    have you guys tried to make your own shows? it is easy with QS, import music and it is drag and drop, you can do transitions everything, it is like editing video in moviemaker,you can see the wavelength of the music , if you expand the timeline you can get it spot on, but be carefull ,you can get caught up and look up and it,s 430 am. i got a bunch of floyd and ELP, stuff ,i will upload it when i get it finished ,the smooth, NORTHEAST LASER NORTHEAST LASER ON f/b