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  1. LjMrBubi

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    Hi,i have now buy a,im insert my board basic,im copy the 2 file in the folder SYSTEM32 when im start Ld2000 open a new window were is writted the serial number of my board,type of board buy is offline,im not undestand were is my error,in the setting of lan im set but is offline,please were is my error ??
    Best regards LjMrBubi
  2. Lasersource

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    Hi LjMrBubi,

    I don't understand what 2 files you want to copy.

    Install Pangolin with QM.NET enabled (all new versions QM.NET is default activated) than put your QM2000.NET board into the network.
    Set your IP address to: (best working IP)

    than try again.

    hope this works, if not, response, hope we can help
  3. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

    hi,very thanks for your answer,i have buy a old version of
    Im test this settings of ip:

    im test but in the square of settings of network im look my board,scanner 1,ip serial number 7406,basic offline

    im test my cable with one router and it run(im connect my QM2000.NET directly,without the routerim test only the cable)

    im sure i have not exactly the settings of ip,im write on lan ??

    on the gateway im write the same ip ??

    Very thanks,best regards LjMrBubi
  4. Lasersource

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    If i understand you right, your IP address of your LD card is
    Try to set up your laptop / computer with IP address: All cards above should be online.

    If you use the QM.NET quick finder. (this program can be downloaded from the pangolin show space.) can you find and ping your cards?
  5. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

    wow,im test this setting,very thanks,
    If i have another problem,im write here....thanks:HIYA:
  6. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

    problem !!

    Hi,sorry but with QM2000.Net_quick_finder my board is online,(the round is green) im start Ld2000 and appare me the square of is writted the board,im click on "system change detected" and after,when open the square "Assign scanner numbers to qm2000 board" (inside is all red) im click "attemp to reconnect" my board change color from red to black,im press "save and continue" but after appre me an message to error if the board is not the same time im make this operation,im look QM2000.Net_quick_finder and my board is on line but it change statur from green to red(online to offline) in the same time im press "save to continue"
    for look another one online my board on QM2000.Net_quick_finder is necessary power off QM2000.Net and power on......
    Im not undestand....please helm me..:(:(:(
  7. Lasersource

    Lasersource Well-Known Member

    Very interesting problem,

    I think the best way to handle this problem is to contact pangolin directly. They can help you the best with this one.

    They can find a good solution for you i think! They have really good support for this all!!!
  8. Cyberb0b

    Cyberb0b Well-Known Member

    Did you already try to replace the network cable?
  9. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

    hi,yes,im change 3 cable,but he have same configuration of wire,the ideal cable is the same to the connection of router for internet ??
  10. Cyberb0b

    Cyberb0b Well-Known Member

    When you connect the lan cable, what happens after switching it on?

    Is the red light burning?
    Is the greel light blinking?
    Is the yellow light blinking?

    And at the lan cable connecor at the back,

    Is the green light burning?
    Is the yellow light blinking?
  11. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

    hi,when im insert a cable ,the green is on,and the yellow blink,on front,the led link is on,and the led 10/100 act is blink,im remember you,my board is basic version 7406,and the is the first version,i have a win xp.
    in my another pc,i have win seven,and when im start the file exe inside the folder system32,out an error ,reltif at file qm32 .
  12. Stuka

    Stuka Well-Known Member

    When you mentioned earlier that you bought an "old version", did you mean you bought a used

    Having experienced similar issues recently, it sounds like the power supply in your box may be starting to fade and not deliver the full required voltage. The network circuitry in the box is very voltage-sensitive, and a weak power supply could cause network connectivity issues.

    Recommend you contact Pangolin tech support throught the "Contact" link on the main web page - they can get you going quickly!!


    Per Aaron's e-mail below, I'm attaching the photos he sent me that show where to check the voltage readings in the box. Note that these test points are for the QM.Net with the INTERNAL power supply.

    When I was having the network issues, my power supply was testing at 4.6 to 4.7 volts. Replacing the power supply (which was VERY easy with the replacement supply I ordered from Pangolin) fixed everything!! :)

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  13. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

    very interesting,if you want im test +12 +5 input ??
    I had not thought of a power problem,thanks !! :)
  14. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    Sorry for the lack of response; I had an issue at home that has kept me from posting from a real computer. I hate posting here from my phone. ;)

    Based on what you have already done, Stuka's suggestion is the route I would go down. If you feel comfortable testing the power supply; we are only concerned with the 5V side as the 12V is only for the fan (I think). I won't ship a .NET box with a voltage under 4.98 as I have seen problems on older units at 4.95.

    I am at home and do not have pictures to show you where I test them before shipping; you can test at he PSU but there are two points on the .NET card that we use that are more accessable. Randy, can you send the ones I sent you back to me, or post them here?

    Wait, how old is "older" .NET box? Does it have an internal PSU or external brick type PSU?
  15. Stuka

    Stuka Well-Known Member

    Added photos to post # 12 above ... :)
  16. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

    hi,how is possible insert a picture ??
    Im test the out of power supply,i have +12.33 and +5.10 (on the connector of power supply) if you give me a picture were are the place of testing on the .net board,im test .
    My .net have a front gray with a line red and 3 led ,and all is black,on the rear have a connector.have a power supply external.

    My hardware is same at in this picture:,r:1,s:0,i:71

    Thanks at all for help me with my problem
  17. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

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  18. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    Yea, that is an older model .NET box; I have that one at home I am not sure what the minimum voltage for that one is but there are very few differences between that unit and the current model. Mainly an internal power supply.

    At this point I would want to test is with a different PCI/NIC card (.NET OEM) to isolate the issue's location. You may want to use a multimeter at the test points specified in the pictures posted in Stuka's post above (thanks Randy!). If you get over 4.98 volts then you need to think about sending it into us for service. I'd send us and email from our contact page to start that process if you decide to.
  19. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

    hi,i have 4.94
  20. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    I would then get a replacement power supply that will be able to give you 5 volts at those test points. Just get a good quality one like a Meanwell that does 5 volts and you should be good.