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Discussion in 'Networking' started by LjMrBubi, May 5, 2012.

  1. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

    ok,i have another power supply,is of one hdd external,same connector,but im change inside the position of pin,but is +5 2A +12 2A
    if my "new" power supply is ok,in the point were im measure,i have 5.00 ??
    important is not more 4.98 ??
  2. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

    hi,im change power supply,and i have same voltage,4.89,and this .net have same problem,when im press save and continue,it go offline,but when in on prompt,write ping,it is online......
    where is the problem?? in test with cable net cross but not light none led,im use a cable not cross now. im not undestant :confused: :waa:
  3. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    No, it is important that the voltage be over 4.98 when tested at the test points indicated in Stuka's post #12. You can have voltage a little over 5 volts, say 5.05 or even 5.1, just not under 4.98. If you are getting 4.89 then the power supply is not providing enough voltage which is causing the issue.
  4. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

    ok,if you want,im test with an power supply of one pc,it have +5 and +12
    Im measure with qm2000 inside,is ok ??
  5. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    Well... I am not sure I would test with a computer power supply, although I can't seem to think of a reason not to. :eek: The only way to test for sure is to have the QM2000 inside the .NET box. You might want to test twice, once without the QM2000 in the .NET box just in case the PC power supply causes a problem for the .NET box. Then once you verify the PC power supply is powering the .NET box with no problems you then install the QM2000 and test again.
  6. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

    ok,but im power on .net without qm2000 ,sure is not a problem ??
    after im test this test :)
  7. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    Yes, you can power a .NET box without having a QM2000 installed in it. The activity light will not illuminate and the link light will not come on either if it is not attached to a network or computer.
  8. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

  9. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

    hi Aaron,my,on the point of test,withput board is 5.1 ok ??
  10. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    That should be good to test with the QM2000 installed.
  11. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

    ok,im retest with my board 7406
  12. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

    hi,i have the same problem,when im press "save and continue" my board go to offline but when in prompt im write ping result is online and comunicate with pc.....
    Im not undestand where is the problem,im use for install the files inside a folder network inside the folder LD2000 is ok ??
    Inside a dedicate cd or dvd is same files ??
  13. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

    im re-re-re test ,im resume the status of my pc....
    ip set lan at mask
    antivir avira disable
    superantyspyware disable
    firewall disable

    in the time of im mike the test,is active qm2000 quick finder (im make one test with disable)

    the problem is same,in the same time im press "save and continue" qm2000 go offline but in the prompt im write "ping" (my board is 7406) result exchange information

    the voltage without qm2000 board is 5.10 and with is 4.89
    im make all test,in all configuration of pc with another power supply,but not change none.

    Thanks at all for your patience with me.
  14. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    At this point it sounds like you have something faulty; could be something in the .NET box as it is fairly old. If I had this in the office I would start swapping out parts of the .NET box.
  15. loopee

    loopee New Member

    Hi LjMrBubi

    What OS are you using?

    If your using Windows Vista or Windows 7, make sure you have a Default Gateway address entered in the network properties ( for example)

    I’ve had issues with Windows 7 not passing traffic if one is not defined
  16. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

    hi Loope i have win xp professional vers 2002 service pak 2 and i have this problem,and im buy .net for use this board with 2 pc,one at home for make my testshow and another for use only inside the show ok and perfect,and use at my little party in the second i have win 7 64 ultimate and in that not start,inside in all two i have beyond and it not look not undestand how is possible,im not think all people have have my same problem....but my pc have a hear and are live =) i have more problem for start beyond,now for :( :( :( im dream all my life for have this software and hardware but not think this problem....please help me
  17. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

    im think one not possible if my problem is not but is a setting of my pc or lan ??
    i have mother board asus m4a 785 td evo
  18. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    I think this might be the time for you to give us a call here at the Pangolin offices as I have re-read this thread from the beginning... twice and I feel more confused than when we started.

    My current confusions are:

    How many computers are you trying to use the .NET box on?

    Does the .NET box work correctly on any system?

    Does the QM2000 work correctly on any system when it is installed within the computer and not in a .NET box?

    With so many question I would prefer to try and work this out over the phone as it seems we are just spinning our wheels. :cool:
  19. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

    hi,for me is a problem call at pangolin but im know englich very little,im use google translate with teacher.
    Im resume my situation.

    I have one pc and use it only for laser,and inside im insert only the show perfect.inside this pc i have win 7 64 ultimate,in this pc,run Ld2000 and beyond but with the board insert on pci port.when im run the software for net,appare me a error qm32......
    This pc i have in flyghtcase and is difficoult install it at home,for this problem,im install in my pc at home ld2000 and beyond,and im use this pc for make my school with this software and make my laser show,in this pc i have win xp professional,service pack2.

    im buy a for use first or second pc,this for not damage my board.
    im not undestand how is possible i have this problem.

    im connect direct to a lan port on the rear of pc,with a cable not cross.

    very thanks for your patience with me.
  20. Lasersource

    Lasersource Well-Known Member

    Where do you live?

    It is a lot easier to talk on the phone with a local dealer who speaks the same language.

    There are Pangolin users world wide, maybe there is a local dealer / Pangolin user who can help you out in your own language.