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Discussion in 'Networking' started by LjMrBubi, May 5, 2012.

  1. LjMrBubi

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    hi,im live in Verona,italy,in italy isn't a distributor......but this problem is for all client pangolin ?? if this system is complicatend,is stable ??
  2. Lasersource

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    it had been nice if there was a dealer.

    Yes, i had the first time also problems with a card that was offline.
    My cards were checked by the Dutch dealer. He helped me to find the problem and we came to the laptop and router as a problem. So, i had no issues by the power supply.

    I you can't get your QM card online maybe it is the best option to send it to the Dutch dealer, he does maintenance on all cards and he knows the most of it.
    He can check the powersupply and your QMcard and sends it back when it works fine. normally it taks 1 or 2 working days. I think you can have your card back within a week.
  3. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

    hi,if my board run on pci slot inside pc,for me is logic if the problem is my setting,or
  4. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Correct; I would not be concerned that it is your QM2000. My concern is that you may have a networking conflict or your older .NET box might have an issue.

    I spoke with a Co-Worker of mine who can understand Italian; he speaks Portuguese. He asked that you email him in Italian to discuss this issue. You can go to our contact page on our website:

    Choose Paulo under the "Department or Person:" drop down for the email to be addressed to him.
  5. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

    ok,mail sended,when i have a solution of this complicate problem,im write here the solution,for help another pangolin user.
    Thanks M.Z.
  6. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

    :) hi confirm another board is ok,in this pc and in another run ok...
    My another board 6858 run with .net or he is old ??

    im think remove ld2000 and reinstall it,vers 550 ...after im reinsert my board in .et and retest all.....
  7. LjMrBubi

    LjMrBubi Well-Known Member

    i think this:
    Since I use the net even on win7 ultimate 64, and they've never succeeded because it crashes right away, tell me where to download drivers for this version of win7, if it works on that pc is assured that the problem is the configuration and not just hardware? my other card I doubt that it works because it's a bit old and I can not prove, serial number 6858....unless you send me the update:p