chase between FB3 Quickshow???

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  1. benji.h.blm

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    Question, chase between FB3 Quickshow???

    is it possible to chase between FB3 dongles?

    i can do it in a time line but it would be good to do it like you would with a lighting console.

    Say i had 8 x FB3 with 8 x lasers in a circle array i want to be able to make it chase around the circle.

    any help would be great :)


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  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    Thinking of it, You can create a timeline show with quick timeline.
    If you configure this correctly, a cue can represent a chase.

    However this is limited to the frames you put into quickshow quick timeline..

    As far as I know there is no zone chase option in quickshow.
  3. benji.h.blm

    benji.h.blm Member

    hi bob thanks for the reply

    is there a possible update in the near future that will enable the zone chasing? :D
  4. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Sorry, I can't answer that...
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  5. -bart-

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    It can be done in cues too.

    If, for example, you have 4 projectors.
    Make 4 projection zones with these projectors assigned to them.
    Make 4 separate (identical) cues, assigned to these projection zones.(with cue properties)
    Give each cue a color effect, options: By time, Brightness control, Discrete, Speed 25%, Beat control.
    Give cue 1, time shift 0%
    Give cue 2, time shift 25%
    Give cue 3, time shift 50%
    Give cue 4, time shift 75%
    Select multicue, start all 4 cues.
    They probably run out of sync now...
    Now make a capture/snapshot by dragging the preview area to an empty cue.
    Now if you call the new capture-cue, et voila, a chase over 4 projectors.
    (don't move the location of source cues, the links are not dynamic)

    See attachment

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  6. benji.h.blm

    benji.h.blm Member

    thanks for the reply -bart-

    also thanks for the example

    i will give it a go look pretty easy :D