Not able to pass OSC arguments

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  1. Robert DiAddezio

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    We are trying to send OSC commands via a VB control panel and have not been able to successfully execute any command that requires an argument.

    An example (attached screenshot 2) shows the successful exection of the following command:


    However, the following commands are not successful (screenshot 5) and do nothing. We are trying to trigger a specific cue:


    We are able to play a cue with the CueDown command or StartCell, however they do not have any arguments and do not allow for specific cue selections, such as Page 1 Cue 6, etc.

    In addition, the following simple command to change the brightness (screenshot 6) of anything currently displaying does nothing:

    /beyond/general/brightness 25

    Again, any command that does not need an argument/value will execute fine, anything that requires any argument/value does not execute.

    Screen Shot 2.png Screen Shot 5.png Screen Shot 6.png

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Robert DiAddezio
    Beyond 4.0 Ultimate