Better control of Physics?

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  1. meeble

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    1. Is there a way to enable/disable Physics from LiveControl and Channels via PangoScript?

    2. Is there a way to use Physics for cue transitions?

    3. Can I automate the Physics parameters (friction, etc.) via PangoScript?

  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    Yes there is..

    Well physics is active or not, as far as I know its not limited and also works on transitions.

    Yes there is; This will also answer question 1.

    objects are:


    Us it as
     Master.Phactive = 1 
  3. meeble

    meeble Well-Known Member

    Besides having physics enabled on LiveControl, you can also have physics independently enabled per BEYOND Channel. What is the syntax for controlling Physics per channel?

    Something like:

     Ch1.Phactive = 1 
    When it comes to physics and transitions - I guess I am making a feature suggestion. Let's say you have one cue with a box positioned on the left, and a second cue with it positioned right. If you have a physics-based transition mode, when you moved between the cues, the box would slide and bounce, using physics. :)

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  4. ENOT

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    Hi Devin,

    Regarding access to physics settings of Channels. This is not implemented, it will be added as soon as time allow.

    Transtion and physics. This is not possible, at least now. The transition never exists itself (alone), it happens between of something. Between the cue players, or between Events in the timeline. It involve 3 different time states. Well, I think it petty complicated to add, and better do not do this. Would be possibe to add a custom waveform that will control the progress of transition in the timeline. Instead of lienar progress will be possible to define the rate of change what will include the bouncing effect.

    Custom waveforms made for "Classic LD2000 Style Abstract editor", and step by step will appear in various places of BEYOND. Recently they added into Oscillating effects. They will appear in other places, it only question of time.
  5. meeble

    meeble Well-Known Member


    What I really want is a way to leave some points exactly as they are and move other points with the physics engine with midi - not on the timeline. It doesn't have to be a transition between cues - that was just a method I thought up. If you can think of another way to do that?

    Example: a horizontal line with a point in the middle. I would like to be able to use midi to somehow move the middle point up and down, reacting with the physics engine, while the two end points stay in exactly the same locations.

  6. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    Hi Devin,

    Transition is indeed an answer. But I want to offer an easier solition. In coming verson added new key-effect, based on Position. It has X,Y,Z but also it allow define index of starting and ending point. It allow to move not only one point, but also a segment of the Frame.

    Same as any Key effect, it allow to use Channel instead of Time.

    Effect implemented and will be available in coming build.

    Best Regards,

  7. meeble

    meeble Well-Known Member

    That is great news, Alexey! I'm super excited to test that out.

    On a side-note: I noticed that you've made a few changes in the MIDI engine for BEYOND - do you think you've solved all the MIDI slow-down issues or is there still more work to be done?

  8. meeble

    meeble Well-Known Member

    Good news.

    I've seen these, but have yet to fully wrap my head around them. Can these waveforms be triggered or retriggered via PangoScript event? The idea being to be able to retrigger the modulation without retriggering the entire cue/animation?

  9. meeble

    meeble Well-Known Member


    I've grown to become quite fond of the "Bounce" effect with physics. BUT, there are times where I would like to completely kill the bounce dynamically - live, in real time. I.e. when the point hits it's target destination, it sticks immediately, no matter what.

    You added an "Allow reflection in Physics" to the configuration window, but I'm still uncertain how that works. Can you try to explain it here so everyone can access that info?

    So far, I've left that setting at 0%. But, perhaps this is something that should be controllable per channel via PangoScript as well?

  10. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    Hi Devin,

    Sorry for delay, A few answer on your questions from previous posts.

    - Classic Abstract frame, same as many other internal BEYOND objects now available to PangoScript. It open the door for use new conception of control from the timeline, from effects, or externally. This is not fast process, it take the time, but this direction has a priority. Yes, in coming build of BEYOND will be possible to change Abstract frame settings

    - Physics engine internally has so called "impulse" variable. It represent the motion. Also, there are settings for minimum and maximum of value. Calculation take impulse, delta of time, other parameters, and calculate new value of position. Position may exceed the limit. In such cases BEYOND change direction of impulse to opposite. But also, we can change the value of impulse. Actually, logic is simple: impulse=-impulse*reflection, where reflection in range of 0 and 1. If reflection is 1, then the motion/impulse do not lose the energy. if reflection is zero - no bounce at all.

    For Channels added personal control for reflection (for each channel). For other areas - still one global control. Also, all Channels now published to PangoScript as list of objects, so, you will be able to can control physics settings.

    - Checkbox "Allow reflection" and "Reflection". Technically, at first were added checkbox, after that - SpinBox in addition too. Checkbox is easier for use. Could be that for this exact case - CheckBox and SpinBox is too much, we will see what to do with it. In any case, UI solution do not change the logic described above.

    Best Regards,

  11. PixelThick

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    Physics on timeline

    Is there a way to apply physics to objects on the timeline?

  12. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    What exactly means "objects on timeline"?
  13. MrBeam

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    I'm using Ver2 Build 690,

    Trying to map a midi input to toggle physics on and off in midi to pangoscript.

    Neither the uncommented no the commented seem to work?

    CodeName "PhysicsToggle_Test"
    //Master.Phactive = True //Test turn on physics
    Master.Phactive = !Master.Phactive